Welcome Page

Welcome to St. George Church!

Saint George is an Orthodox mission church. We are committed to placing Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior first in our daily lives. We are firmly rooted in the teaching of Holy Scripture and the unchanging Christian witness of the Early Church. We invite all to find their spiritual home here at Saint George. Join us for worship this Sunday!

For first time visitors to our site, and to our Church, we welcome you!  This page contains some basic information about our parish and Orthodox worship for those who haven’t experienced it yet.  Many of the visitors and members of our Church come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  Our experience is that expectations vary widely (and sometimes wildly), so this page will get you started.  We also suggest that you visit our “For Inquirers” page to learn more about our parish and the Orthodox Faith. We are precisely the same Church across the globe, and across time, preaching the Gospel, teaching the Lord’s commandments, and worshipping God in spirit and Truth just as we have these 2000 years.  In fact, our newest service is 1,300 years old!  To start with, we want you to know at least this much:

  • You are welcome here: We are always honored to have visitors join us for prayer and worship.
  • You won’t be asked to do anything which would make you uncomfortable.
  • We don’t expect visitors to contribute anything financially.
  • Our children worship with us:  If you have young children, they are welcome here too.  We expect Christian children to be raised in the Church and to do that, they have to be in the Church. 
  • All of our facilities are handicap accessible:  If you need assistance, please let us know.  We are here to be of service to you.

If you are an Orthodox Christian, and you have prepared yourself to receive Holy Communion, be sure to introduce yourself to Fr. Jerry before the service.  You are welcome to approach for Holy Communion.

Don’t forget that there is much more information on our “For Inquirers” page and I encourage you to visit that page to learn more.

Again, “Welcome”!