St. George Home School Community Learning Center

Glory to God! The St. George Home School Community Learning Center is pleased to announce its plans for the 2022-23 academic year. Our mission is to provide affordable and specialized tutoring services in a nurturing Orthodox Christian environment. We serve homeschooling families with children ages 5-18, who participate in small mixed-age learning groups. Children are
given the opportunity to progress at their own pace, while tutors work with the strengths of each child on an individual basis and help identify areas of need. We recognize parents as
the primary educators of their children, with the Learning Center as a partner in this endeavor. Our focus is on a “living” education and the formation of the individual person through
relationship and exposure to what is good, beautiful, and true.
In addition, homeschooling families benefit from the balance and reinforcement that the Learning Center provides to their educational time in the home.

For more information, please click on this link for a copy of the flyer 22-23 HSCLC flyer 

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